Corporate Training

One of the most invaluable things spanning your career is the training you receive.

*Insert groans here*

I know what you’re picturing – An annual or quarterly conference room workshop full of heavy eyelids at the office early in the morning, a cocktail of bad coffee and a monotone voice lulling you further into boredom where corporate policies are repeated, statistics are spouted off, and you may even feel like you are back in school getting quizzed on company culture or industry trends. And of course, the quintessential PowerPoint presentation being read off verbatim from each slide.

But training doesn’t have to be so boring.

At a small firm like Articulate, one of our perks are the training sessions that help better arm the team to succeed – without acting as a sleep aid.

Here in our New York office, we convened for an interactive training and team building session utilizing our prime location in lower Manhattan.

We first sat down as a team and discussed what Articulate meant to us – energetic (bordering on over-caffeinated, but it’s not our fault there’s a Starbucks on every corner and a Keurig in the kitchen), creative, young, fast-paced, collaborative, etc. The team culture is about the individuals making up our team right now, not the idea of a team created years ago for us to try to adhere to simply for the sake of tradition or being on-brand for your quarterly or yearly training. We used that training time to discuss how to best exemplify the traits discussed, what these traits mean from a business perspective, and how these might translate to future activities and goals for the overall team and our team members as individuals.

Once we decided what Articulate meant for us as a team and as individuals, and what best distinguished us, we ditched the conference room and split into teams to get out into the city to take photos of things that would translate into each trait, while promoting team spirit and team building. We ended the day to convene once again, this time with wine and celebration to discuss how we collaborated.

Our recent miscellaneous trainings have also been more professional, as well. Just as we put our clients through executive training before putting them forth in front of the media, we as a team went through a similar training to more fully understand what to advise of our clients and how to be a better industry executive overall. Although we took it back to the conference room, this training was less us being talked at and more interactive, being able to highlight each team member’s individual strengths and weaknesses, and getting targeted advice from professional media trainers to give us each particular things to work on and goals for the future. This training, while awkward and uncomfortable at times, engaged each member individually and pushed us to our limits to give us the skills to be more professional and confident in our meetings and our work overall. These skills are invaluable as we will bring them with us and improve upon them throughout the rest of our careers.

Being at a small firm also means that we get to be very-hands on, making every day a “training” of sorts where there is access to senior management and a plethora of “learning moments.”

Those who have been with the team for a while are also given the opportunity to assist in the training of those who are new to the team, coming full circle in the training process. Bonus points – the training of new team members reiterates and confirms all of the training we have received in the past as we prepare that information to pass along and help in the making of the best team members we would want to have.

Whether it’s fun training that ends up in a night on the town, interactive corporate training, or doing the training yourself – the training opportunities we have been afforded are invaluable in the long run. Until the next…