The Intern Learning Curve!

One thing I’ve known about myself for a very long time is that I learn best when thrown into the game itself, rather than spending a lot of time observing on the sidelines. By that, I simply mean I learn by doing, and that is one of the things I’ve loved most about my time as an intern at Articulate.

I started working on four accounts, and recently took on two more. Being given a hands-on role with each of these accounts has proven to be an incredible opportunity and a valuable learning experience. By listening in on client calls, working directly with account leads, and being given certain projects to handle on my own, I’ve learned quickly and grown comfortable in my current full-time role almost immediately.

The guidance and mentoring I’ve received from our account leads and full-time staff has been indispensable. From day one, I felt comfortable going to my team with any and all questions. While there may be some questions that, shall we say, aren’t as smart as others, the worst questions are the ones you don’t ask. Communication is key here at Articulate, and that’s not exclusive to our relationships with clients and the media – we all help everyone on the team by connecting each other with key industry contacts, proofreading pitches and emails, guiding each other through a tricky Excel problem or drafting a delicate email… and on Wednesdays, by picking the weekly lunch order.

I owe so much to the help I’ve received from my coworkers. Not only have they been crucial to my learning how to do the job, we’ve created a warm and welcoming office that I’m excited to walk into every day. I know that I can go to my coworkers with any question at all about my work, but that they’ll be just as eager to hear what I saw on the train this morning, a great new restaurant that I noticed opened down the street, or what’s in store for the weekend. Working with driven and like-minded individuals made all the difference in easing the learning curve during my internship.

While I didn’t know much about what to expect before starting my internship, I was most excited for the hands-on role of an Articulate intern, which everyone had told me about from the start of my application process, up through my first days on the job. As I’ve already mentioned, this helped me grow into a full-fledged member of the Articulate team and feel comfortable in my role, but it’s also helped me adapt to working in the financial and technology sectors for the first time. I was immediately given a list of publications to familiarize myself with and read daily, and I was struck by the intersection of what I studied in college and worked on in previous positions, namely politics and the media, and the sectors I work within now. After a few months with Articulate and my clients, I suppose I shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was – in our increasingly global and connected society, everything we do has an impact that we probably would never have predicted.

I’m excited for what the future holds for me at Articulate, and to continue growing along with my team and the firm. My internship experience has been invaluable, and every day reminds me that what I have learned here, and have yet to learn, has left me more prepared and ready for what the future has in store.