3 Key Words for A Young PR Professional

Having been deeply immersed in the public relations industry for a while now, I hope to make a name for myself as a well-rounded PR professional in the near future. Luckily, Articulate provides me with a stage, so to speak, where I can perform the talents I have already mastered and continuously expand my industry knowledge. To date, I’ve learned 3 words that are essential to the development of every young PR professional.


What’s the most important characteristic found in a successful PR professional? Proactivity. Be the first to reach out to new coworkers and reach out periodically to solidify relationships within your current networks. As a PR professional, you tightly monitor industry news and scoop out opportunities for interviews, comments, and awards for your clients. Being one of the first to reach out, handle external media requests and contribute to internal media briefings often secures your spot as a proactive, consistent partner.


People admire PR professionals because they know everything. It is essential to be on top of industry knowledge to be well-prepared when advising clients on communication strategies. Read a bunch of industry articles to get a brief news-hook idea for a pitch letter. Scroll down one journalist’s writing archive and twitter to get a good grasp on what they typically cover. You want to have an extensive understanding of each of your clients, their markets, and any product they may be launch in order to draft a strong press release. Being prepared beforehand maximizes the potential for positive results in the course ahead.


Your day in the world of PR varies constantly, but your to-do lists will almost always be extensive. If you are working for an agency, you likely manage several client accounts, each with individual projects that have their own deadlines. If you are a member of an in-house team, you likely coordinate with various departments to draft a specific communication plan. Urgent media requests with tighter deadlines may disrupt your daily calendar and may need to be prioritized above other administrative tasks. The ability to prioritize effectively and manage your time can brand you as a reliable, flexible PR professional ready to take on any challenge that presents itself.