Guest blog by Grant Muskett, GGOG: Charitable Giving in Capital Markets

Why Golf Still Reigns Supreme

Capital Markets firms have always been good at giving back to the community. Sometimes it’s because it looks good, but more often than not it’s due to a genuine desire to support a cause close to the heart of the company or one of it’s employees. Having run the Golf, Guinness and Oyster Gathering (GGOG) now for five years (this is the first year we’re playing in the U.S., but we’ve been running in Europe since 2013), one topic I consider myself an expert on is why you can’t go past a golf event to raise money for charity. This is despite there being so many other ways that a charity can raise funds, attract donations and increase awareness of its valuable cause.

Why golf? The answer is simple. It works for the people you are hoping will donate. And it works because it provides a level of engagement that not many other events can deliver. Think about it this way. Where else can you offer donors the chance to captivate their audience for the amount of time it takes to play 18 (or 19) holes?

Most often, capital markets firms participate in charity events like GGOG as a way to combine supporting a worthy cause with quality time with clients. But if they take them to a Knicks or Mets game, you are in a corporate box or worse, sitting in a row in the bleachers, and there isn’t an opportunity to properly engage. Even if you head to dinner afterwards, the amount of focused bonding time is limited.

Golf overcomes that barrier. Companies know it. Client execs know it. And it means that their goal of furthering the client relationship can be reached much faster. Of course they need a client that likes golf too, but despite reports of golf’s decline among millennials, those clients are not hard to find. Particularly when you are looking at people in senior positions working in the financial markets.

In the case of the Golf, Guinness and Oyster Gathering there is also the seniority of attendees. We’re an invitation only event, which means there are real opportunities to make new connections, further business relationships and create plans for the future. Just ask Lord (Guinness) Iveagh, trustee of The Iveagh Trust (GGOG’s beneficiary) and a member of the Guinness family, who will be presiding over the New York event taking place at GlenArbor Golf Course on June 27, 2017.

We also pride ourselves on creating the opportunity for our donors to tick courses off their Golf bucket list. GlenArbor isn’t somewhere many people get to play. And neither is Royal Portrush, the home of The Open 2019 and the course hosting the GGOG World Final in October. Winners of the New York event will be flown to Northern Ireland to participate, courtesy of Delta Airlines.

It’s safe to say that, as with any event where you are asking people to donate their time and money, there is a combination of factors they look at to determine if it’s the right event for them. And for capital markets firms, Golf still ticks more boxes than any other event.

About the Author:

Grant Muskett is the owner of the Golf, Guinness and Oyster Gathering, which hits New York on June 27, 2017 in aid of The Iveagh Trust. The Iveagh Trust has been providing housing for Dubliners in need for over 120 years.

GGOG is a golf day with a difference. It is hosted at some of the most prestigious golf venues across the globe and combines great golf with Irish hospitality and networking exclusively among other C-Suites, senior executives from Wall Street and Professional Services companies and high-net worth individuals.

The tour launched at Burhill Golf Club, London, on Thursday 15 September 2016, the venue where Guinness golf heritage began more than a century ago and then moved to Dubai, and now New York. It then moves on to London before ending in Northern Ireland for the World Final at Royal Portrush Golf Club (the venue for The Open in 2019), on 5 October 2017. Winners of the New York gathering will be flown to Northern Ireland for the World Final, courtesy of Delta Airlines.

Whether you choose to attend one or multiple gatherings it would be the privilege of Lord Iveagh and the GGOG team to host you, your colleagues, key clients and stakeholders whilst raising funds for The Iveagh Trust based in Dublin.

To request an invitation for you or your team to play golf or for the networking reception and awards ceremony please contact