The Articulate Industry Analyst Round Up

As Analyst Relations professionals, one of the many ways we keep in touch with what our analysts are thinking and the conversations they are having, is by reading their published reports. It’s by no means the be all and end all – AR is a strategic operation that when done properly, has demonstrable impact on revenue – but as a baseline, it’s key that we understand what our analysts are writing about if we want to make sure we are speaking to the right influencers.

Enter the Articulate Communications’ Industry Analyst Round Up. A monthly e-newsletter that gives you visibility into what the financial services, energy and healthcare industry analyst communities are currently focused on. We do the heavy lifting, rounding up the reports published in the past several weeks, and send you a concise email, summarizing what’s new. The reports are behind a paywall, but it lets you quickly see what might impact your business and act on it. Whether that action be speaking to the report author, gathering competitive information or brushing up on how your target customers are looking at a new, innovative technology – like yours.

We’ve been getting some great feedback from clients on how it helps them drive strategy and new ideas for their businesses. And we wanted to share the love, so if you are interested in subscribing, send us an email and you’ll get this valuable resource in your inbox.