Team Learning

Like all PR professionals, a key part of our job is to understand our clients’ businesses and the industries within which they operate – the hot topics, key moments and of course the media landscape. As B2B technology PRs with a focus on FinTech, this is all the more exciting as our clients cover the breadth of a very wide and fast-paced industry.

To keep on top of this and ensure we are adding value every day, we do all the usual things – ensure we know what is being discussed online, read ALL THE TIME, immerse ourselves in client messaging, role-play pitching, etc. In addition, Articulate has an internal forum to make certain we share the latest and greatest in FinTech trends with each other, so we can all tap into and contribute to the knowledge that is built within the agency. As an example, we’re currently running a series focused on capital markets, with our London-based COO running monthly training sessions. These have been brilliant, with colleagues working together across the Atlantic – and all the homework gets handed in on time! The best piece for me has been to see how engaged the team has been, and how each of our colleagues, from account coordinator role up, have flourished as they’ve had the opportunity to present and explore complex market dynamics in the context of our clients’ business models and ambitions.

In addition to market trends, we need to be on top of the latest communication techniques and ensure our team has the proper training and resources to be able to devise and deliver the most impactful communication programmes for our clients. Although not new, podcasts are really gaining in popularity with 67 million Americans now listening to podcasts at least monthly – this article from Forbes looks at why. In line with this trend we’ve seen a real upsurge in the demand for podcast creation from our clients and we’ve gladly responded by honing our offerings in this area. We are now proud to offer an end-to-end service where we help script, record and edit audio files for publishing. We have worked hard to make this a professional yet simple process. As always, we did have a lot of fun getting to this point. We’ve taken on the “host” and “guest” roles with colleagues in different offices to create our own internal Articulate podcast series. I’m afraid I’ll never enjoy listening to my voice though, but who does?! As a team we love working creatively with our clients to help tell their story and this vehicle provides further opportunity for this.

If you are interested in learning more about our podcast services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.