Introducing the Alphacution Podcast Series – Articulate Interviews Paul Rowady

We at Articulate are excited to introduce our new Podcast series, where we will bring you interviews with and insights from some of the leading minds in our industry. To start, may we present market veteran Paul Rowady, Founder and Director of Research at Alphacution Research Conservatory. Paul created Alphacution as the first digitally oriented research and strategic advisory platform. We’ll let him tell you more about it in the podcast, but it’s safe to say that Paul’s unique focus on 360-degree modeling, measuring, and benchmarking for technology spending patterns, and the operational impacts of those investment decisions, in and for the global financial services ecosystem, have netted him some interesting discoveries.

This podcast, the first in our series with Paul, gives you an overview of who Alphacution is and what Paul is looking at. The rest of the series will provide some very interesting insights into areas such as normalizing technology spending by employee across different types of institutions, hyped versus over-hyped technologies and digital transformation in capital markets. We’ll release a new episode in the series every Wednesday for the next four weeks.

You should also check out Paul’s new Alphacution Riff’s video series, which you can find here.

We hope you have as much fun listening to the series as we have had recording it. A huge thank you to Paul for his time and for being such a good sport!