Technology for Financial Services: Hype vs. Overhyped

Alphacution Podcast – Episode Four

Welcome to Episode Four of Articulate’s podcast series with Paul Rowady from Alphacution Research Conservatory. In this podcast, Paul explores the hype around technology for financial services and the impact these technology are having in reality. He takes a critical look at the hype and legitimacy of new tech, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, and shares his thoughts on what technology fits more into the unconventionality of the crypto world or the reliability of the blockchain world. Paul discusses his view on what could disappear overnight versus what could actually help the markets. He discusses how the industry is viewing transformation from either a radical or incremental perspective, and muses that the biggest challenge for large incumbents when it comes to technology is getting out of their own way.

Clink the link below to listen to this week’s discussion. For an introduction to Alphacution, check out Episode One here. For Episode Two, on technology strategy and business in the digital era, click here. For Episode Three’s discussion about the digital transformation of capital markets, click here.