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This is Articulate’s space to share our thoughts on the industry as well as looking at office and agency life. We are also incredibly lucky to have industry heavyweights writing guest blogs for us on what they see happening out there.

Capital Markets’ Digital Transformation


Alphacution Podcast – Episode Three Welcome to Episode Three of Articulate’s podcast series with Paul Rowady from Alphacution Research Conservatory. In this podcast, Paul muses whether technology is a…

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Team Learning


Like all PR professionals, a key part of our job is to understand our clients’ businesses and the industries within which they operate – the hot topics, key moments and of course the media landscape….

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Guest Blog: Tom Groenfeldt on Design Thinking


Is Design Thinking Different From Thinking? Design Thinking, which has become widely popular in the last couple of years, has two aspects. One is not about design or aesthetics — it is about a way of…

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Moving to NYC

Congratulations, you scored a job in one of the best cities in the world – New York City! But, now that that’s done, there’s another roadblock that lies ahead of you. Where are you going to live, and…

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The Intern Learning Curve!


PRoffice life

One thing I’ve known about myself for a very long time is that I learn best when thrown into the game itself, rather than spending a lot of time observing on the sidelines. By that, I simply mean I le…

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Corporate Training


PRoffice life

One of the most invaluable things spanning your career is the training you receive. *Insert groans here* I know what you’re picturing – An annual or quarterly conference room workshop full of heavy ey…

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Festive gifts


office life

We thought we would surprise Audra, the CEO, this morning with a festive gift…we often see her re-heating her tea in the microwave as she goes in and out of client meetings and calls, and she lets h…

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